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Sport Management Education Journal

Journal Aim and Scope

The Sport Management Education Journal is a joint refereed publication of the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). The Sport Management Education Journal will advance the body of knowledge in pedagogy as it relates to sport management education and disseminate knowledge about sport management courses, curricula, and teaching. Manuscripts may address a wide range of issues concerning graduate and undergraduate education such as: curriculum planning, curriculum design, future employment requirements, trends and their impacts, course content, fieldwork, internships, experiential learning, teaching methods, accreditation, community education, and tenure and promotion. Manuscripts based on conceptual, philosophical, and empirical inquiry will be considered for publication.


Journal Content

Refereed Research Articles

The Sport Management Education Journal will be devoted to articles that advance the body of knowledge in pedagogy as it relates to sport management education. Articles in this section must be theoretically grounded and must contribute new insights, explanations, or methodological approaches to sport management pedagogy.

You can view the article introductions from Volume 1, Number 1, 2007 on the NASPE Web site. 

Book Reviews

The Sport Management Education Journal will also include a section devoted to the review of material designed to facilitate sport management education. Normally this will include new textbooks in common sport management concentrations (i.e., sport marketing, sport finance, sport facility management, etc.), however, other areas at the discretion of the Editor and editorial board may also be considered.


Instructions to Authors

 Call For Papers

The most current Call for Papers for the journal can be accessed under the Sport Management Education Journal listing in the navigation bar to the left. Please consult that document for submission deadlines for upcoming issues.

General Formatting and Submission Instructions

In preparing manuscripts for publication authors should follow the guidelines in the most current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. All articles must be preceded by an abstract of no more that 150 words. Manuscripts must be submitted in English and must be double-spaced, including references and blocked quotations, on standard 8 1/2 x  11 –in. white paper with approximately 1 1/2-in. margins. Manuscripts should not exceed 30 manuscript pages. If footnotes are used, they should not exceed 6 lines each. Figures submitted on disk should be created in Excel or saved as TIFF files. All tables, figure captions, and footnotes must be grouped together on pages separate from the body of the text. Reference citations in the text must be accurate concerning dates of publication and spelling of author names, and they must cross-check with those in the reference list. Copies of manuscripts are not returned to the authors. Copyright for all published articles will be held by NASSM and NASPE.

 All manuscripts must be submitted in electronic format (MS Word or .rtf format) to: Mary Hums <smejedit@louisville.edu>

Electronic (email) manuscript submissions must meet the following specifications:

1.         Manuscripts must not be submitted to another journal while they are under review by the Sport Management Education Journal, nor should they have been previously published.

2.         Use 12‑point font and one‑inch margins on sides, top and bottom.

3.         Use appropriate subheadings.

4.         Remove author identification in properties (In Word, go to File, then properties, summary and remove author name).

5.         Tracking changes must not be readable.

6.         Include a cover sheet with the manuscript. This cover sheet should include:

oTitle of the manuscript.

oPrincipal author's name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e‑mail address. 

oFull name and institutional affiliation of all co‑authors.

oThe principal author's contact information over the summer (June 1 to Aug. 31), if different from above.

oThree or more keywords to describe the substantive content of the abstract.

 A hard copy of the original manuscript should also be sent to:

Mary A. Hums, Ph.D.

Managing Editor

Sport Management Education Journal

107 HPES/Studio Arts Building

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY  40220 USA


For More Information

For more information about the Sport Management Education Journal, please contact:

Mary A. Hums, Ph.D.

Managing Editor

Sport Management Education Journal



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